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This post currently has +6 votes and -4 votes yet the total is shown as 4, when simple math indicates it should show 2. I waited 10 minutes, reloaded the post, and it was still that way. Strange.

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Right now it says 7/4 but shows 5 .. TBF Reddit also had this problem. Its a lot of data to refresh so its not always in real time.

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I know it isn't in real time, but waiting a few minutes always fixed it. This is the first time I've noticed the numbers are stuck wrong in a year.

You know: it might be because the post went to -2 for a short time but the system doesn't show negatives. And, THEN more positives came to raise it, but it started from 0 instead of -2.

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Go back to Reddit

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We have no friends in the pedocracy.....and thats a good thing.

nautica 3 points ago +3 / -0

Trump won.

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100% agree. Election was rigged.

So were the last 5

pkvi [S] 2 points ago +5 / -3

Same time in 1998 was Clinton affair which made all relationships public fodder and Clinton was with Epstein so low and behold, Trump dips out.

Was that the last time?


He is seen with Jeffery in the early 2000's

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pkvi [S] 2 points ago +3 / -1

Wasn't that the victim who said that?

My emphasis is that Trumpers are telling me that Trump didn't do business with Epstein --> then WHY was Trump so buddy buddy with Epstein at all?.. and for years?

Epstein made his bones serving in some mysterious role in the 90's and early 00's and the friends he had could not have known what he was into.

Frankly Donald is a scuzzy person to begin with. Ayh remember the 90's.. no one thought highly of him. He was just another sleazy NYC democrat.

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jubyeonin 2 points ago +3 / -1

Plus he was very close to Ghislaine Maxwell. He probably got mad at Epstein for being too obvious, but liked Maxwell nonetheless.

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Doesn't trump own his own island?

pkvi [S] 1 point ago +3 / -2

If ayh cared ayh would keep a healthy screen shot catalog of all the triggered Trumpers everytime ayh post something about Donald and his salacious past.

He was a NYC Democrat who donated to Hillary Clinton THREE TIMES.


He palled around Epstein but had no business relations with him.


He pardoned a sex offender rapper

WAAAHHHH HE REALLY LIKES UH.. uh.. yeah can't explain that.

Trump was never on your side and there are countless examples if you'd judge him as harshly as you do any RINO.

He will be this generations Bush.

We'll show you.

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Corporis -2 points ago +5 / -7

The shills keep coming here, posting smear after smear despite the whole corrupt democrat party not being able to find anything on President Trump despite five years of trying.

Pictures at socialite parties mean very little. Not like the Clinton's that are photographed at the island with underage girls, or in the Lolita express with underage girls, or together with Ghislain Maxwell at their daughters private wedding.

The Real Trump-Epstein Relationship - While Former President Clinton Partied with Epstein on Orgy Island - Citizen Trump's Relationship Was Mostly Adversarial

Trump is noted on the flight logs once in 1997 only.

Once. When his plane broke down and he hitched a ride with a small plane from one US city to another US city.

Trump never went to the Epstein island, unlike the clintons that went there something like 28 times, on many of those trips bill and hillary ordered the secret service to not accompany them.

The narrative is that trump flew on the lolita express, but the logs don't prove that.

The facts are that Trump was the only one willingly cooperating with the investigators of the case surrounding Epstein. The investigators reported they got good information they could act on from him and was very pleased with the willingness to donate time and effort from Trump.

Trump also outed Epstein as a shady character and banned him from his hotels. My guess is Trump is no fan of Epstein.

Here is the lawyer for the girls suing Epstein talking about interactions with Trump in 2009

Called out Bill, Epstein and the "famous island" in 2015. Start at 22:30 -

Here's a tweet he made in 2012 - Trump tweet (2012) - Got to do something about these missing chidlren grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents--fast trial, death penalty.

Trump Was 'Only One' To Help Prosecutor In 2009 Epstein Case

Fusion GPS Tried And Failed To Link Trump To Jeffrey Epstein

The documents released from the Ghislain Maxwell case also show that witnesses testify that Trump was not involved with the Epstein enterprise.

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jubyeonin -1 points ago +1 / -2

You have your copy and paste shill response, shill, but the truth is spreading faster than you can bury it.

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