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I have a last name which is Jewish but I am not Jewish, ancestor was adopted by step-dad Jew after his mum died. My friend has always said that I look Jewish and that if I moved to a Jewish dominated suburb I would have life easy because they look after their own. I didn't believe him until my wife was in the hospital for our daughter's birth and one of the nurses was Jewish and she thought we were Jewish and gave us excellent extra attention.

I am typical white guy and could pass as Jew. My wife's first name is also Jewish, different spelling, but nowhere in her family is Jew. She has curly black hair too so could fit in easily.

What could I do to profit/benefit from infiltrating the Jews? What would I have to do to be accepted? I draw the line at fucking/killing children. How do I not get found out? What would they do to me if they found out I was faking it? Could I take them down, expose them?