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Just about everyone I know is double vaxxed. Some are triple. Grandmom, aunt, mom, dad, brother and his whole family, sister and her family, 95% of my friends and coworkers... They're all vaxxed to the gills. Everyone is fine. Other than a couple sore arms after the second shot nobody has had any side effects. I'm serious I really thought they would all be dropping like flies. Why are they all fine?

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The problem is we don't know what's in the concoction. We don't know why so many people who get it suffer heart inflammation and damage. The manufacturers have been very deceitful trying to hide the risks, have a total disregard for long term studies or even a proper control group, and when negative effects can no longer be swept under the rug, they try to downplay and normalize it, like oh yeah kids having strokes has always been a thing /s.