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alltheleavesarebrown [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

From the same fakeologist site....


The worst thing for them would be if we all became aware of their war and picked neither side.

This is a moment in history, maybe the first moment ever, where we the people could decide to drive right around them, deciding that we don’t require any old family of Phoenicians to be our owners.

I say it is the first such moment in history, because never before have so many known so much about how the world works.

Never before have so many had such access to knowledge and information. Never before have so many seen through the veils of history and the lies of the rulers.

They call us sheep and treat us like sheep, and though many of us still prefer to munch grass and baaah, more of us are awake than ever before.

Plus, there are simply more of us than ever before. Never in history have there been 7 billion people on this planet, so all those people don’t have to be awake to make this a special time in history.

In the first world, especially Europe and the US, it may be that a majority is awake. Not woke, but awake. Aware of the lies.

Aware of the predation. Aware that our rulers are very bad people and that there is no solution to this but to take them down.

I recommend we make the most of this opportunity, since it may not come again any time soon.

The rulers have made a whole host of errors, gifting us this opening, and you can be sure they will soon come to realize that, trying to close those openings and shore up their weaknesses. If they achieve that, it will just be harder the next time.