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FetAnka 0 points ago +2 / -2

There is no conspiracy around the asset itself, it's 100% open source code, anyone can review, compile and connect to the network. All verified and tamper proof. It was designed to have similar properties as gold, hence digital gold.

The conspiracy is among those who want to implement the new world order and didn't expect this sort of technology to appear right now and mess with their evil plans. This is why they try to fuck around, all the FUD in fake news media, all the price manipulation created by big purchases followed by big dumps to create fear.

Because if you look at gold, you'll see that they manipulate and create a fake stability by selling fake paper gold, which is not backed by real actual gold. This can't be done with crypto because it's a digital asset and nobody is dumb enough to buy fake paper crypto, hence they need to find other ways to manipulate the price, cause fear and eventually be forced to adopt it, hoard as much of it as possible which is what we see now. Just like they did with gold, which is mostly owned by the globalist elite.