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  1. I went to chrome extensions store in brave browser.

  1. searched for "http everywhere" -- didn't see it on the list

  1. tried "everywhere" -- not in extension search results


  1. tried badger -- not in search results

  1. tried "script" -- noScript not in search results

NONE of these privacy tools were found in search results. Searched "EFF" and "eff.org" and nothing related to eff showed up (publisher of privacy badger, https everywhere and anti-fingerprinting extension)


  1. googled "privacy badger" in google and then found the EFF.org website and their page on the extension, and clicked the link that said get the extension

  1. it took me to the Google Chrome Extension page for "Privacy Badger",

  1. Looked at related extensions and took a screenshot

  1. Returned to chrome web store extension search and searched for https everywhere again, and this time it shows it


And when I search for them, it shows them now...it did not before


Now ALL of those extensions in the screenshot above are showing up in search when they were NOT showing up before, even if searched by name

  1. Noticed that Privacy Badger has a label on it "Added"


Yeah, an extension that's over 10 yrs old is now "added" heh. You google bastards

This behavior is shady as hell. They don't want you using privacy tools and they are censoring the search results for them, even if you name them directly. The ONLY way it seems to find them is to go to an external site and then link directly to their listing. Once google removes that listing, they will be GONE from the web store forever.

This is why we need a non-google controlled web store that doesn't allow them to censor listings of extensions they don't want you using, because it interferes with their business model of selling your private data, metadata and telemetry to advertisers and the worst people on the planet.

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Yeah, an extension that's over 10 yrs old is now "added" heh. You google bastards

added like "added to your browser"

it seems we a little layer 8 problem going on here