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Looking this up.. "Can flat Earthers explain why water goes down the sink anticlockwise in Australia, clockwise in England and straight down at the equator?"


Now they're saying it's fuckin bogus. I remember looking up videos, guy with a sink and pail at the equator. I don't know if it's be that much like a few feet away. You'd think you'd have to go however much further.

Whatcha flat earthers got on this? Gotta go back to the dishes. lol. At least this is shit I can see with my own damn eyes. That's the only shit I trust, ok. lol.

What's causing this spin then if it's flat? Not much water here and it's quite a powerful whirlpool. Is it like "gravity", which is like a big magnet pulling shit to the middle of the earth but affects everything, not just metal stuff. lol. Betcha they say it's gravity or something. Well, what is causing the gravity then, eh? I don't got time for this, gotta research about actual military zombies. Jeez.. see those couple posts today.

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In Australia, just filled a sink and pulled the plug. Water was clockwise. Oop.

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So what's going on with these videos where they had a sink at the equator. How about some people in the southern hemisphere. Do they try and say it's counter clockwisee.