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Systemdotoutdotprint 4 points ago +4 / -0

About how many people do we think died from the jab? I think that the estimate that 50-60% of Americans have gotten the jab so that’s 150-200 million Americans(very rough estimate) so how many of them are dying? I know about 150 people in my life who have gotten the jab and not one of them have died. I do know of one person who has died from it but it was a friend of someone I work with who I never met before. My experience is just anecdotal and a small sample size but I wonder how many people are actually dying from it. I know it’s more than people who died of the fake virus “Covid” which is just the flu but everyone I know who got the jab did get deathly sick for a week or two after their second dose.

Harmony19192 3 points ago +3 / -0

It is fucked, it just goes to show that even if this virus does help with Covid, people were not properly informed by their medical professionals of the risk involved with the vaccine.

I actually took the time to look at both and it amazed me how both relay information about inflammation of the lining of the heart as well as the heart muscle itself.

It's not wonder so many heart issues are arising but those disgusting people don't even want to admit that yes, the vaccine carries that risk, instead they want to act like it's the unvaccinated dealing with this issue.