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Ok, so we’ve got bones for dinosaurs or whatever. But apparently only retards believe dragons existed? Well fuck you! Maybe you’re the retard!

Let’s begin. When you think about how dragons are represented, what are they? Pretty much just giant flying crocodiles right? So, it stands to reason that dinosaurs lived, then died out, then after a while humans just sort of evolved from.. nothing or whatever, apparently some cells evolved. Cool. So anyway, I guess a bunch of cultures that had crocodiles and alligators near them just kinda added wings and fire and made up the dragon. So cultures like the Australian aborigines, native Americans, Phillipines, Africa..and the Welsh? And the Chinese? And the English?

This doesn’t make any sense. How are these ancient myths from cultures all over the world, that would have had almost no interaction with each other all copied each other and came up with the same shit? “Terrifying, scaly, four legs, big fangs, spat fire, could fly”. These have to be based off legit experiences.

Think of the Gorilla, doesn’t even sound real, sounds like made up bullshit, but it’s real as fuck.

As for “breathing fire” the Komodo dragon produces venom in its mouth that will fuck you up son.

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Brah I’m autistic but I’m not retarded, I don’t believe in dinosaurs- I believe in dragons. How big are dragons depicted? About twice the size of a crocodile? I agree with everything you said regarding dinosaurs not being real- you’re a gentleman and a scholar. Dragons are completely compatible with what you’re arguing, they wouldn’t fuck up the cycle of life. If whales can exist dragons definitely can.

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No such thing as fire breathers. It takes completely different biology. Not found on this planet. It would mean a different lifeform. Non organic. Perhaps silicon or otherwise. Acid is far more agreeable and found in nature. Snake, insects, fish etc. So no.

A fable for children explaining bombardment, roman catapults. Imagine explaining them as a Gual for the first time to your siblings. Then they simply became an oral tradition. Like the Japanese explaining earthquakes, they came from Godzilla, or the mighty Catfish dunno its name. Fables. Or mechanical creations.

There is the firehawk, a bird that grabs a flaming branch and drops it on vegetation to start fires in order to catch prey fleeing. But there isn't a phoenix. Different lifeform, non organic, alien to this planet. Where the nearest this planet has, is a salamander that thrives living underground close to lava or volcanoes, and also various fish feeding off lava vents, and other cetaceans.

No the blue whale or likewise oceans support bigger megafauna, are your dinosaurs. Whales found on the Himalayas, Andies, Rockies. Whales ontop of almost all major mountain ranges on this planet. Fictionalised into hyperbole. Combined animal matter, superglued together and fed through computers creating fiction. Assumed rocks chiseled and sculpted into bones all because they had calcium deposits. Dinosaurs have dumbed down the human race, so assholes can profit. They are a haphazard toxic creation. A fable like your dragons except dinosaurs have the knighted spinning lies, and dragons have knights chasing their imaginations, both for hoards of gold.

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i can smell you, you TURD-BLOSSUM.

unless youve blocked me and ive been talking to myself this whole time.

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go ahead...