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For me, I’m kind of open to anything now. In 2018 if you tried to tell me that The Nazis and The Vatican are in cahoots and built a giant bunker in Antartica to cover up that the earth is flat I’d be like “bro, maybe just stick to 911” but now? After seeing almost every government on the planet synchronise and oppress us as a team? There’s nothing too far fetched.

How about y’all?

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9/11 did that for me. It got me researching on my own. It broke me out of my trance I was in from the media. Since that day I consider "conspiracy theory" to be far closer to reality than the fairy tales the mainstream perpetuates.

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It’s a beautiful thing but also a tragedy. It’s surreal when you talk to people and they just sort of go blank and go “um, maybe.. people lose trillions of dollars all the time.. buildings just.. I don’t know? Maybe the towers were made out of weak steel?.. I don’t have an answer to how the paper passports didn’t get burned in a fire hot enough to melt buildings.. maybe the hijackers were just unlucky! Shut up! Shut up you conspiracy theorist!!”