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The Covid World narrative is collapsing is something new here and even Axo is believing in it. There are also other users here that believe in this, but they weren't noteworthy enough to just name.

Unfortunately, the fact is that there is no such thing as a "Covid Narrative Collapse".

Now show me the narrative collapse someone?

And even worse is that people claim that "more and more people are awake that they are being scammed".

FACT: NOT a single person I talked to personally believe that Covid World is a scam.

FACT: The Japanese would rather the Olympics to NOT start at all to "stop the spread"

FACT: It doesn't matter how many people converge together. The Bolsheviks are a minority and what do you think happened in 1920? A Ukrainian and Tsarist Victory?

The truth is that, at this current pace you only have one future:

The Enlightenment of the Elite and their ascension into Gods as you degrade into a machine-infused cannibal beast.

Welcome to the New Normal, followed by the Great Reset.

New Normal as in decade long lockdowns, vaccine goalposts, mutant virus goalposts, infusion with machines and death sentence for certain "no-nos".

Great Reset as in the Elite covering up with "Strain Zeta" as they go into hiding while under the premise of "anarchy", humanity loses it and goes around cannibalizing each other.

Your one and only future, as I call it.

If whole armies of armed Russians cannot stop the collapse, what makes you think a bunch of keyboards will?

Stop the collapse from ever happening in the first place while you still can. Once it starts, you are DEAD.

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If you think "the narrative is not collapsing" and link to media sources acknowledging the injections are not working, after the same media pushing the injections "for the greater good" and now being mandated, my only questions are:

Did you get injected? If you did get injected, why do you regret being injected?

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Why do you keep fixating on the vaccines anyway?

It's just a goalpost. The point is that it makes you think it will be over soon. There is no such thing.

I linked to these media sources just to make a point that it will NEVER end until everyone collectively says no.

Like 30% or above population in all "civilized" states (so not something like South Africa or Somalia).

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It (narrative) won't stop because the real info is already burned in the majority of people's psyche as being "fake news" and/or "right-wing extremism".

The next step is instability, financial and/or governmental, then "they" will step in as saviours with pre-planned arrangements (cite agenda 21, agenda 2030).