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How do people this stupid even make it into existence? Like, if they are that fucking retarded, how did they outswim the other sperm?

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Haha, you are seemingly quite correct. The farce is strong. It turns every stupid idiot into the police. Hence the psychology behind the mask. By not wearing it, you become an object of their hate. Because of simple psychology, it has pitted you against the hive mind. Even if you are exempt, because of freedom, the evil stares they give you for exercising freedom is insane. I was travelling the other day no mandate to wear them anymore. I sit down without one very happily, but all of sudden the stink eye. They are still afraid and they hate you because you're not.

I remember last year, these fucking idiots would jump out of the way if you walked down the road without a mask. They would walk into oncoming traffic to get away from the maskless. They would jump away yelping like scared cats with hairs bristling if you didn't have a mask on. The farce was strong. Today they give you the stink eye, the evil stare, and then they pathetically cough.