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dukey 3 points ago +3 / -0

Reddit is lost. It's been completely taken over by special interests.

selfKaiHarness 1 point ago +1 / -0

Correct. Reddit has long past the point of no return for them. Hope their website goes offline for good.

braveContrarian 2 points ago +2 / -0

i keep telling you people with the VPNs. you guys obviously bought them thinking it was really gonna help with security -- which is partly false advertising it wont the way you're using it (once you log into an account the site knows its you and shares that with other sites anyway. your password verifies its you duh)

the reason these sites keep updating and suddenly your VPN doesnt work -- is that ALL public leased line vpn services sell their public/basic service from server farms.

if you run a site and you are interested in blocking VPN users due to repeated harassment, government intervention, etc, there are lists of these server farms where the VPN companies purchase servers from that get updated frequently.

it gets compiled when people log into their accounts on reddit, google, youtube, etc while on the VPNs so gradually they work up a complete list of all the most used VPN servers.

the solutions to this are either:

a.) move to a smaller, lesser known VPN company and keep playing whack-a-mole

b.) go to a VPN company which leases private, residential IP addresses -- these are UNIQUE home IP addresses, and with that you lose the ability to log into more than one country, but it appears to all web services as a regular home user and not a server farm.

the actual real main uses of VPN is just to break streaming services (which at this point really requires a dedicated residential ip in country of choice to reliably get past blocking) or alternatively, just use the public ones to pirate via torrents with impunity.

its not actually protecting you from the companies and the government. its just these companies can't honestly advertise.

it CAN help against man in the middle attacks if you use public wifi a lot, and it is useful in preventing people doxxing you I guess. but all it really is, is a proxy with encryption.

like i said the second you log into reddit, conspiracies.win, google, etc you're done. it doesnt matter what the current IP is, because you're pegged at that moment.

the fact you even care about it at that point is moot.

say someone important wanted to find you and you log into reddit with an account made on VPN. on the other tab youtube is open. immediately your opsec is fucked. they're gonna share info and have a link between the ips and accounts because at some point you probably logged in without it or gave some personal info in an email or some shit. bought something online.

not to mention unless you're on linux the OS itself is likely tracking everything and reporting back anyway.

sites will continually be blocked from common VPN services. some companies try to develop complex anti-blocking stuff, but its always a game of whack-a-mole without owning/leasing a private, dedicated IP.

at this point you need to decide what kind of security obfustication you want. do you want geo-restriction avoidance? do you want torrents? do you want actual anonymity?

if its the last one, you should be using a VPN and TOR on a system like tails and also you should own the VPN server physically and run it yourself in a remote location if possible. you should never log into ANY accounts EVER and not even bother posting on reddit or watching videos on any services.

the reason people tell people to use tails is just because it boots in a steady state off USB. if i take my arch system it'll build up stuff id have to delete, reset, etc to stay in a more anonymized state.