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Reddit started yesterday and users said it was to fight shared IP like VPNs. Fuck that. Yesterday and today.

Walmart kept ke verifying by pressing and holding a button every time is earched something or tried to log in. Today

Taco bell kept returning with errors and not letting me finalize my purchaese today.

This is frustrating as all hell and I'm not turning off my VPN. Period.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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the only way around this issue is to go to a VPN company which sells residential private IP addresses.

then you have to lease a private residential IP for a bit more money. this IP will NOT be in a server farm but at a residential property owned by the VPN company in that country.

it will look like a regular IP from that country.

the problem is the sites can and do scan for publicly used VPNs -- this includes paid ones.

its not a scam or the VPN company trying to get you to pay more, these servers have known ranges and are used by many people so they get logged and tracked by the sites.

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Absolutely, but I got hit by all 3 at once out of nowhere. Must be something fed by the security IT used by these corps updated at once.

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Great insights. My question was whether it was becoming commonplace or it was just an odd off day.

But thanks, Sherlock.

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Plebbit is limiting my posts to 10 minutes and I have positive karma. It started when I had a highly upvoted anti-communist post. Then I read it was happening to others.

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I spend a lot on gold so I have to cut corners 🤷‍♂️

Reddit has great communities to buy and sell precious metals from other users.

Also the wallstreetsilver subreddit is full of red blooded Americans who don't trust government or banks.

It has its place.

Superstonk and WSB have done a great job of Red pilling millennial investors as well.

Covidvaccinated is LOADED with red pills from people who got phucked by Pfizer and mangled by Moderna.

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If you want to rest easy and get from a trusted actual shop you can compare prices from depends what your after.

Coins/rounds or bars and want a legitimate shop/retailer you can go to:

Findbullionprices.com and set the filters for what you want.

Coins is a term for officially government minted round bullion. Often they have a face value currency that's stupid but there for legal purposes (like $20 for something worth thousands lol)

Coins tend to be more expensive than privately minted "rounds" which can hold the same amount but people are willing to pay a bit more for official coins because they're more recognizable in the community.

Bars are bars, lingers.

A subreddit dedicated to buying and selling among users is


Def read the FAQ and learn the norms. It's honor system so you pay upfront and seller ships so I tend to go with established sellers (a user's flair by their name will show their officially counted Sales and Buys)

In my state they charge tax on most sales from legitimate retailers so I tend to buy from the reddit community and haven't really gotten shafted other than 1 time (for $300) which could have been avoided had I been more careful and verified a bit more.

I have made about $20,000 worth of purchases and almost everyone is honorable thus far. Again read read FAQ and rules and you're good.

You can even use a Middleman which is one of several trusted established users that the seller ships to and when he receives and verifies it's there, the buyer pays the seller and the Middleman ships to the buyer. These are mostly used when a new user is trying to sell and doesn't have an established reputation or feedback.

I hit you with a lot so dip your toes, try some of the links through Findbullionprices.com first and if you don't see tax at checkout stick with those at first if you want piece of mind.

But again I almost exclusively buy from other users because prices are often better (but you have to know what good rates are for what though almost anyone who lists lists better prices than most websites), I don't have to pay taxes, and it's convenient.

Any questions just ask.

krzyzowiec 1 point ago +1 / -0

It can also depend on the server you choose, so try more than one. Amazon will block me from the US based IP addresses that my VPN provider uses but not the Mexican IP.

Some of it is just blocking specific IPs because botters will use those IPs to try and automate certain forbidden actions, and in other cases the site is just trying to block all VPNs period, or trying to block content by region.

It's no different than if a website tried to IP ban you. I can say that at least with my VPN provider, I have no issue connecting to reddit (although why would I want to?), and I have no issues with Walmart either.

Ironically, Taco Bell will block me from my Mexican IP but will allow me to connect from a US IP. :P

KickingPugilist [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

That makes sense.