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If its "Globalists vs. The People,' i honestly think we have them on defense right now. i think they originally wanted to have pushed forward with arresting vaccine resistant people into unvaccinated detention centers by now, with some euphemism as the name of the camp. that's the strategy for them offensively, but right now they seem to be on defense. with rand paul filing charges, and the lawsuit for the 45,000 vaccine deaths, having to mainstream the lab leak which is something they probably would have liked not to have had to do, ivermectin being adopted in india and gaining a lot of attention, also the election audits seem to have momentum, they seem to be much more exposed than ideally. public sentiment is probably the most extremely anti-government its been in a long time, with more and more people waking up for the first time. Offensively, they have put a massive lead on the board, theyve rolled out the vaccines succesffully with high rates of voluntary compliance and a lot of public support. the propaganda doesnt seem to be pushing the needle any farther but theyve got a large percentage of the population in the vaccinated camp. now if the vaccinated create the perfect breeding crown for new variants to develope, these deaths caused by the new strains will rip through the vaccinated, and the TV will blame the deaths on the unvaccinated spreading the delta variant. biden will hopefully die soon giving prosecutor kamala the perfect oppurtunity to jumpstart her reign as the first female president by announcing a campaign to protect the public safety by removing the racist, selfish, delusion, anti-science, pro-murder, pro-trump, conspiracy theorists from populations, starting from public spaces. After declaring the second pandemic, and announcing brand new, much harsher lockdowns, proof of vaccination will be required to be shown by every household member, and if proof cannot be shown, either the vaccine will be administered at that point or they will be arrested and detained by the military under martial law in unvaccinated camps. the laws allowing governments to do this already exist. the southern states will resist but they will be swiftly defeated by the US armed forces. Now whether this plan has been delayed or not is unclear but i think they are behind schedule and are losing the public support they need to use the population against itself. they fell short of their vaccination percentage goal, and ivermectin is known to be the covid beater. with rand paul catching fauci out so badly and filing charges, they path towards being caught in the act is becoming more possible while still very unlikely. we can only hope

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Wyoming sucks now.frankly it wasent great before.

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Did the commifornians ruin it too?

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I can never tell if people who say this are serious, or really good at keeping people from going there