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As we wrap up the war in Afghanistan, it's worth noting, many a major empire throughout history has invaded Afghanistan going back to Alexander The Great, including in modern times, the British and Soviets.

And the big question I keep thinking is why?

There's nothing there of value, except maybe some poppies, but there's easier ways to synthesize and less remote places to grow those. Osama wasnt there, nor any credible threat, as it's mostly primitive.

Some sort of ancient secret? Antedeluvian knowledge?

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A little research will reveal Afghanistan is center to two highly desired resources. Oil and the largest untapped lithium deposit ever discovered. There are also varying amounts of precious metals and raw uncut gems. Afghanistan was one of the few areas that supplied the highly prized stone Lapis Lasuli, as well as tin and copper. Metals necessary for the production of bronze. Each empire's invasion including Alexander the Great were after resources to enrich their nation. The end goal is the same today.

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There is value. It has a lot of lithium, it has metals, iron, copper, tin, and silver, it also has quantities of gold and various gemstones. Poppies weren't nothing compared to the mining. The Taliban were also mining. The Moab was dropped on a mine?

But it also used to be of strategic importance as a major land route. In those days of Alexander and the Mongols and Tartars. It has the Khyber pass.

Why do you think the Chinese also want in. The resources which still remain in contention no matter the government. No matter the government will still retain private contractors. The same goes for Myanmar. But they also probably want to run pipelines through it.

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The Taliban was destroying ancient monument's in Afghanistan about 20 years ago.

If I remember correctly, some of the middle easter heritage site destruction can be trace to higher involvment, in some way. Like something other than just tribal disputes wants to cover up and destroy the history.

Nazis also looted artifacts from Afghanistan. Maybe it has some ancient civilization / ancient alien ties and tech?

All good logical answers already here, I just wanted to add a little conspiracy. :P

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I remember that.. they had some ancient giant bhuddah carvings in the mountains.

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look up red haired giant in Afghanistan. i think it was circa 2002.

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Giants exist in Afghanistan

I think many wars were fought over control of ancient tech

The museum of Baghdad was looted first thing after we invaded

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The destruction of any tribal life style or any way of living that is not connected to the jew system. All must be conquered and vanquished and made completely obedient to the jew no people or nation is allowed to live independently no matter how insignificant.

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Minerals tons and tons of minerals. China will make bank.

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Honestly? War Hawks just like playing chess with people's lives. Its a barren fucking wasteland that should be left be.

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Biggest lithium deposits in the world

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This is solid 🤔

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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

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You made me think,maybe the objective is to go to an obscure place to lose people's lives / money.

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Its a meat grinder. Agenda 21 is a global depop plot after all.