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Interesting and not out of the realm of possibility that he is merely playing "good cop".

I also agree with the assessment that the people behind this do not care if a person believes the virus came from a lab accidentally or if it was intentionally engineered and released as a bioweapon as long as the person believes the virus exists because if the person believes the virus is real, they will get the mRNA shot which is the ultimate goal and the only goal of the "virus".

I, personally, do not think there is a dangerous virus out there killing people. We have influenza, rhinoviruses and coronaviruses that have existed for a long time. There is nothing new.

However, I think the interview is useful in that if people watch it they will come to the conclusion that governments are not to be trusted and media is not to be trusted because we are clearly being lied to. Hopefully that will discourage more people from getting the shot and if that happens, thats a good thing. Thanks for the link.

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So the "bioweapon" bit is the lie he's pushing?

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