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Some Highlights :

Began experiencing severe psychotic behavior on 3/8/2021. These symptoms worsened on 4/15 (second dose on 4/5). Patient became delusional and began having regular hallucinations. She was seen in 3 different emergency rooms without any improvement in her symptoms.

After first shot an uptick in paranoia as every day got worse. Before second shot I was having the vivid dreams. I was also hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting things that weren't there. The second shot put me over the edge immediately. I felt as if I was being poisoned, the vial with medicine inside turned amber color and I shut down as paranoia turned into an orchestrated conspiracy against me.

Felt like my arms and legs were not connected, a disconnected feeling to reality, like the world was moving around me, trees were closing in;

hearing voices and reacting to them, hearing and responding to voices in head

Headache, extreme fatigue, disconnect with reality. Stopped communicating; developed paranoia, began to have self neglect, not caring for self ir doing normal Hygiene Within days had visual and tactile hallucinations, flat affect, began cutting self.

I have been seeing like, like when I see a cord it seems like it moves like a snake; I was laying down and I was looking at my rug, my rug looked like it was moving like a snake;

Veteran reports serious altered mental status folowing first vaccination. reports hulicinations felt like he was "very small in size" and, that he was totally "out of it"

psychosis/He thinks of conspiracy, he thinks people want to kill him, he think that he know that he is not okay; hallucinations; Confused/Goes to sleep and he wakes up exactly the same; repeating everything every half an hour, the same thing over and over; Lost his mind permanently

Sudden inability to move and delirious and hallucinating. Hospital ran numerous tests to find problem without being able to determine.

Sleeping maybe for 30 minutes; Incomplete course of vaccination; He was very quiet and he just sat there and stared and he was that way the whole day; Talking to and seeing people who were not there, talking to dead people;

I experienced a physosic event. Hallucinations, delirium, memory loss (I remembersome things but not all when talking with my family since then) ,, anger unlike I've ever had before, 'everyone against me'l. My family was scared for me and of me. I had left my twin neice and nephew and somehow ended up at a park down the street. Once home was still 'talking to people' and 'acting out as things were real to me at home and neighborhood. No sleep for 3 nights straight.

started seeing strange things- saw things that weren't there. The yellow wall in his bedroom came up but had all kinds of art work on it, the ceiling and doors too; couldn't remember things; Weird things happened in my brain; lost his vision while driving


And Many More.

Zombies being Created

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No worries, Thats how you know the vaccine is working!