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Perfect example is ghost_of_a_swartz's post here:


Was this an oopsie or a backtrack? Ill tell you since I know from experience. Its not an oops. Its intentional and they dont care.

Im not so self-important that I need to fill in all the blanks. Bookmark this and I'm sure someone else can. Frankly, more people need to get involved and fill in each other's answers.

Any leader against communists is not going to make it so squeeze your balls together a bit if you're reading this.

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Well it is probably hard to met Wallmart owners and other such people...

Are they evil or retarded? Both. Just greedy. And those people are "capitalists" in a name only really.

AI_ML_Expert 2 points ago +2 / -0

I'm sure they're happy to get checks for themselves. Also, Walmart owners will benefit from people getting free money since a lot of them will give it all right back to Walmart.