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Perfect example is ghost_of_a_swartz's post here:


Was this an oopsie or a backtrack? Ill tell you since I know from experience. Its not an oops. Its intentional and they dont care.

Im not so self-important that I need to fill in all the blanks. Bookmark this and I'm sure someone else can. Frankly, more people need to get involved and fill in each other's answers.

Any leader against communists is not going to make it so squeeze your balls together a bit if you're reading this.

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paid, pedos, brainwashed, or blackmailed.

the vast majority of lefty voters fall under category c, brainwashed. I was one! I woke up, and woke others up too.

Some are angry at society... but that's still ignorance and brainwashing.

The other categories are the ones to worry about.

Those willing to accept bribes. Those who have things to hide, or a lifestyle to protect.

Shit, I'm still on welfare, but I sure as hell don't vote for more welfare. That's not really a lifestyle one fights to keep. I just want a good world for my friends and family.

The worst of the left are the ones who know exactly what communism is. That's definitely the minority. They are fucking evil. I have lots of stupid friends, but I've seen they can usually be reasoned with. Imagine trying to reason with epstein or gates or soros. they dont give a fuck, they just want power. imagine trying to reason with aoc or thunberg or whichever bitch on cnn: they dont care either, they just want their fat paycheck.

tl;dr your lefty neighbours really do want to make the world a better place... they just stupid. unless your neighbour is the epstein island, bohemian grove type. then yeah, they straight evil.

so just ask yourself... paid, pedos, brainwashed, or blackmailed?

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Gosh, how does anyone not wake up? I thought leftists were anti-establishment... ...now they just do whatever the news corporations say.

Anyways, in 2012 I started doing a lot of research... Especially into Sept 11 and the history of religion. My goal was to prove religion false... that backfired, and I became a believer. And a big conspiracy theorist. Eventually that drove me nuts, and I decided to leave conspiracies behind, and I just had faith that things would be okay. Until the coof came knocking on the door of the entire world, and something was clearly not ok. So I donned my tin foil hat again, and this time it feels like there are a lot more of us.

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For me, it was the 2016 DNC primaries and the media bias against Bernie. Different guy though.

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Another great answer.