Christcucks eternally BTFO (
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meh.. that argument has been BTFO already.. you should really brush up on the Meterialist vs. Theist (Christian) debate arguments. As things are right now the leading minds on the materialist side are saying they wish amateur Atheists would stop making such bad already debunked arguments because it's only adding more nails to their coffin and embarrassing the movement.

Current state of Materialism = "I know it's the most irrational position, that all the grammar, logic and rhetoric are not in my favor but I refuse to accept the facts anyway" Literally that. The only way to not know this is if you are living in a self inflicted bubble of ignorance.

But don't take my word for it, go find the absolute best arguments against Materialism there is then decide for your self.

Most of Atheism is nothing more than pop culture propaganda now days.

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Yeah that's a really good point, definitions are important.

Though ScutFarkus is certainly trying to use the quote as an argument and using it against the Jewish/Christian concept of God, which is a great deal different than pagan concepts like Zeus, it's a somewhat common misunderstanding among Atheists.