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Am I the only one here who is really fascinated by conspiracy theories, but doesnt believe in really any of them? I've always loved reading about this, but to me I see them as more modern day folklore than anything else while most people who dont believe in them see them as some sort of dangerous white supremacy terrorism hate speech blah blah blah that needs to be silenced.

I mean they are folklore in the way that a Medieval villager might seem some sort of phenomenon or event beyond his comprehension and then project his best way to explain it. I see conspiracy theories as the same as a way for normal people to project their best understanding onto complex global political phenomenon's. And I dont think its an accident that the whole conspiracy theory thing started in the mid 60s (the actual phrase was coined in the documents about the JFK assassination)

I obviously realize corruption and illegal activities happen at every stage of any institutional power, and that there are strange esoteric beliefs and practices happening too btw before anyone accuses me of thinking NOTHING like that ever happens.

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Thanks, Ill def read the whole thing later.