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Doggos [M] 11 points ago +12 / -1

This is ridiculous fear-mongering, u/Graphenium is being intentionally misleading.

It's always been the policy for politics to be opt-in, when browsing via In fact, until two weeks ago, none of the sites with their own domains were included on the front page at all.

Two weeks ago, we added the three "topics" of Politics, NSFW, and Other for the front page. By default, users have the Politics topic disabled.

This was the first time any of the sites with standalone domains were featured on the front page, and we were clear that politically focused communities would be tagged as political communities.

This policy has not been at all swayed by any users, we have remained consistent on it.

Politics is opt-in.

Graphenium [S] -4 points ago +4 / -8

How is this sub “politics”

Doggos 11 points ago +14 / -3

Anything that one could reasonable argue is politics should be tagged as politics based on our current plan.

Let's look at the top 10 posts here currently.

  • vaccine
  • vaccine
  • Biden
  • you
  • vaccine
  • election
  • not sure, some video
  • vaccine
  • not political
  • covid

It's not a bad thing that this community is political. I love this community. I think it's hard to argue that it shouldn't be tagged as politics, though.