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Thanks to everyone that voted in the nomination thread, and thanks to u/clemaneuverers for the winning suggestion!

Check out this list for previous features. Great to get this up and running again!

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Dec. 9th, 2020. That's when it was edited. So very recent.

This is what it looked like...

"As of December 2019, Tydings has nine grandchildren: Benjamin Smith, Margaret Tydings, Jillian Gollob, Samuel Gollob, Jaybo Gollob, Rose Lazzatoo, Emma Lazzato, Mave Lazattoo, and William Jefferson Tydings, a professional Rainbow Six Siege player with a career high of 0.6 K/D. Tydings was banned from the game in 2020 for excessive teamkilling."

The part in italics is also kinda funny. :)

Oh, and the person that edited it???

Their name is "Integritas2020", Integritas being the name on the Tydings/Davies family crest at Mar-a-Lago (which Trump removed...like a joke almost). So perhaps the editor was directly related.