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Do they Live in Jerusalem, or maybe the Vatican, or perhaps on the Moon?

Do they require our Loosh to sustain themselves, and would they die without it? When was the Humanera established, and did Earth have another purpose in the beginning?

Is the World like the Ouroboros eating it self, in order to sustain it self? If so, does the Loosh cycle aid our own Survival?

If more Loosh is generated through Evil, might this realm Reward Evil deeds, and Punish Good deeds? Or is it true that Love generates the most Loosh?

How did the writers of "Tie Tibetan book of Living and dying" know so much about the Soul recycler, and how did they know that there are many tricks in the Afterlife? How did they know that the Beings from the Afterlife appear to us in the form of Friends, and Loved Ones, and then after that as Monsters? IS true that They trick us to convince us to enter Life, and remain in the Recycler?

Very Mysterios if I do say so myself.

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Holy shit I’ve seen those green lines