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Jimmy Kimmel has been covering Trump, Giluiani, Biden, and the whole election for a while. He hosts a popular NBC late night show, is Jewish, and has influence with his videos always being on YouTubes main page (at least for me). I believe he is good, and is siding with Trump. He has been absolutely bashing Trump with non-stop jokes for a while now, especially after the election, but this is being done on purpose, as a distraction. Trump knows many people in entertainment and they may be friends. Here is a clip from Jimmy Kimmels show from Oct. 21, 2015. He has Michael J. Fox on, playing Marty McFly from Back to the Future, and he has Doc with him. If you start this video at the (3:30) mark Marty asks what humans have been up to for the past 30 years, and Jimmy replies "We have invented the 'Crodona(?)', a cross between a croissant and a doughnut." Obviously a corona virus joke on the invention of the virus, and even Michael J Fox and Doc looked a bit surprised. I'm not sure they saw it coming. There was many predictions made in the original Back to the Future movie regarding 9/11 I believe the sequels predicted other events as well. Jimmy Kimmel telling Marty about the 'invention' of a 'Crodona' (corona) is important. He is warning him through a sign of another upcoming 9/11 type false flag event, which follows the movie's storyline. How this ties into the inauguration fuckery... A couple days ago, the day after the inauguration, Jimmy Kimmel posted this video I find it strange how recently he's not being green screened in his regular studio, or actually there. Now in some log cabin(?) in all his videos. At the (6:30) mark he starts making fun of conspiracy theorists, mainly about Q, and because despite all the speculation, Biden seemed to be inaugurated and everything seemed to have went according to the plans of TPTB. However, in this joking, I believe Jimmy may have dropped some more truth. At the (7:25) mark, he specifically points out one guys theory online of what was supposed to happen during inauguration day. It's strange how only this person's post showed no username or post time (but all the others did). Reading it, it is a hell of a plan, and makes sense of a lot of the strange things that have been pointed out. It says all television stations would've tuned into this military tribunal automatically, and I know we didn't see this happen. But was that what we heard with Hunter's voice cutting in and out talking of plea deals? Audio from the current trial?? If all those arrests were really made that morning, was what we watched on TV a pre-recorded video, a CGI fake video, or a combination of both? If so, all media involving Biden since that day has also been CGI faked. They have the technology to fake anything on video and make it look real these days. It goes along with this whole techno Zoom Tik Tok cult they're pushing on society during the pandemic. It explains why there's a new Oval office that seems like it's on a movie set, and why the national guard had their backs turned. Nobody coming in, and nobody leaving the Capitol grounds. It explains why the national guard is still there, and will remain, basically for COG (Continuity of Government) while the military tribunal resumes. This explains why so many people nearby say they never saw any inauguration take place, why he was sworn in unofficially before noon, and why Kamala's staying in 'another residence' for now. This explains the differences seen in people's clothing, the missing people in the crowd, Pelosi's lawyer telling her to not say another word. This guy posted here earlier, and it also makes sense if this is the case... While on trial, they could also be victims of the biggest troll of all time, if these videos are being faked. Biden saying things like "Salute the marines" out loud by accident, or "I don't know what I'm signing", could have been created to poke fun at them while they're down, let them know how it feels. Also, coincidentally there have been many celebrity deaths in recent days (Hank Aaron, Larry King), to distract the people from what is currently going on in D.C.