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The modern generation has absolutely NO IDEA what is about to hit them.

And I didn't mean a pandemic, a false flag shooting or an Antifa Riot.

What I meant is a Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Communist China, 1975 Cambodia or 1994 Rwanda type of mass death.

And people will be supporting what is it to come until most of them are dead.

But if there is one fact, it is society and the modern man will regress into something that is completely incredible.

The moral firmament, the spirit, the humanity, the ability of rational thought and the national values...everything has been taken away from the modern man by design.

People are officially being controlled and conditioned to kill fellow human beings through the Pandemic.

The internet has been converted into the Tower of Babel.

There is nothing to stop a full blown civilized collapse now; if it comes, it will come and it will happen with no warning. Enjoy the future of this (prospective century). It has happened in the 20th century, why it will not happen in this one?

Enjoy your prospective future as listed here.


  • The US is divided into Liberal and Conservative radicalism, there is no middle ground, you are either a violent Antifa Libtard or a Covid denying Neo-Nazi.
  • Everything is self-explanatory within this WHOLE Decade.
  • An incident, such as Biden declared the loser prods both parties into Civil War. Both sides are involved in propaganda and atrocities.


  • Far Left Revolutionary militants unite into one anti-American group with tech giant and MSM support, while Far-Right militants defend Conservative States and confiscate guns for "war efforts".
  • The Internet itself is used by tech giants and all sorts of mass media to promote the collapse and takeover in America, one way or another.
  • The American Government abolishes itself beautifully through CIA, NSA and other Intelligence treachery. The same Intelligence Agency personnel would later participate in the mass culling of Americans for both sides.


  • America is split into 2 Conservative states and 2 Liberal states, who constantly compete for food and territory. The Midwestern Grain Belt becomes a literal death bed by warring militias.
  • Elites such as Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi, Pompeo, Kim Kardishan...etc are forced to run in exile OR face execution through revolutionary terror (Same thing as in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany)
  • New Governments start purging patriots, rightists Neo-Nazis/White Supremacists, people who cannot contribute to the war effort, former American Police (Because all cops are bastards), Leftist Activists, pro-Trumpers or sometimes White people.
  • Purges will take the form of "people power" purges (like in Rwanda 1994 or the Chinese Cultural Revolution in 1960)
  • People will resort to cannibalism, eating poisonous plants, animals they cannot eat otherwise or polluted water and often die because of it.
  • A New Government created from one of the Conservative states unify the USA and rebuild the economy from the cusp of Civil War. He will be an Ultra Nationalist with an obsession for strongman rule.


  • The New Government will purge all counter revolutionary elements, including people loyal to the other three governments, LGBT people, the mentally ill, the poor, people who are "homesick" to the old normal before 2019, or "Chinese, Russian and North Korean Spies" (there will be mostly innocents, not real Chinese spies). They will usually use FEMA Camps and human laboratories for executions.
  • The new government will Debunk Covid as a false flag, and bail from the UN and WHO. All Covid Counter-Pandemic laws will be abolished in the US.
  • The new government will wage war against China, Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, Iran and North Korea, assisted by Israel, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan
  • The new US Government and EU will re-instate the Draft
  • The war leaders in the Ally side will be making decisions for the Axis (See Hitler in WWII, who was running Germany down for the Allies)
  • The "allies" will collapse in front of the Axis forces and the new government in the US will be occupied by the UN, China and Russia. The EU will disintegrate at the end of the war, its territories occupied by Russia and remade as UN territory. Japan, SK and Taiwan will be occupied by China. Israel will disintegrate under the hands of the Middle Eastern "Axis". China will become the vassal superpower, but all rights are retained by the UN (and China's position in the UN).
  • All records from the internet are given by former NSA and CIA agents to the UN to mark people in death lists. UN will officially run the Internet and the World Wide Web will be replaced with the United Nations Web, a global government owned organization who patents all services (streaming, blogging) etc to their own agents, disguised as "independent members". If anything even remotely resembles anything turning against the Globalist Agenda, that person will be placed in FEMA Camps


  • As soon as the UN, China and Russia forces occupy the US and Europe, they will unleash a massive blood orgy directed against its people and re-establish anti-Pandemic laws in America (Social Distancing, Masks, Lockdowns). "100,000,000 Covid-2030 cases are all over the world a day."
  • Those who support the iron dictator government, not follow Covid mandates (even if they hardly mattered in the first case!), display "homesickness", typed in anti-government, anti-conspiracy boards etc...20 or more years ago are purged, with former NSA and CIA handing out the blacklists to the UN so they know perfectly who to purge. (If you are active in r/conspiracy you are already dead by this time)
  • There is a special place for Christians and Muslims. Namely they will be purged in a specifically insane fashion (such as Christians being burnt on an upside down cross or Muslims being stuffed raw pork before they die)
  • FEMA Camps, and sometimes Machete wielding killers are used to purge enemies of the government.
  • Eventually, prosthetic limbs (which were previously used to grant immunities to Covid) can be equipped to weapons for people power purges, and the civilian conduct patrols are formed. Global Government hires mentally unstable and nihilistic small business owners or youth to conduct purges for them independently as long as they are obedient.
  • The setup for the mass purges will soon be complete by the beginning of 2040. Killing, cannibalism and Pedophilia will be legalized.
  • The MSM will broadcast the world leaders to "die because of Covid" but in reality, they are enacting their final plan and hid themselves in all sorts of underground bunkers. The masses are literally left to eat their own through systematic, controlled anarchy where people, who had "evolved" into half-machine killers to "adapt to the Pandemic" will go out to eat and cannibalize their own. People will no longer be able to sustain themselves without human flesh and terminate themselves while the Elite fake their deaths.


  • The Elite resurface back to the world and repopulate the world with clones and obedient test tube superhumans who will work for the elite at all costs and are coded instead of named. The remaining earth humans, who were proven as a failed specimen, were driven away into the wilderness, and the Great Reset regenerates society into the NWO Utopia.

Yeah, most people believe that the Pandemic will be OVER, but what happens next will be the most insane thing humanity will ever see.

The unleashing of Demons from CERN and Covid is just to condition us to what happens next.

By removing all positive emotions, they are conditioning you to absolute death.

The biggest and ugliest dark age of human history is about to unfold

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That is the globalist plan - but they have one glaring weakness: arrogance. They view us as cattle, but turns out we’re not so simple or easily chained.

I believe we will have a Great Reset, a ‘New Normal’ - but it ain’t what the globalists intended. There will be a collapse, a civilizational collapse. But the globalists will lose control. We will break off their chains and find out what humanity is truly capable of without globalist knees on our necks. We will come back stronger than ever. Make Earth Great Again (MEGA)!