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So this is a conspiracy site, let's explore the first conspiracy... who is behind it. Now we all now axolotl_peyotl - he's the music maker. The man who bans those who disagrees and then decries censorship. But there's someone new here, someone unfamiliar. Doggos.

Now, this is a forum for free thinkers. It's not political. It's free from the agendas of reddit. Now we can really ask the tough questions.

So let's ask the tough question: Why is it now being moderated by a moderator of ?

We're all conspiracy theorists, we're all critical thinkers. So here's some critical thinking for you: Why are we handing the keys over to a partisan?

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U/Doggos is the tech guru for TD and makes platforms like this possible.

You can see all his post at the link above. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

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IMHO it’s way more transparent to mark the sys admin as a moderator rather than it is to keep the community in the dark as to who has the god mode level of access.