"Give (it) up to a higher power."

Please help some of our Christian brothers in here wake up and realize they're part of an authoritarian death cult. This should be the first conspiracy they learn about before moving on to advanced theory like vaccines and what shape the earth is.

If you can't figure out you're being manipulated and lied to in an effort to confiscate 10% + of your income, please take a moment to understand that God doesn't need you money and none of it goes to help those who truly need it.

It's never going to stop until people start scrutinizing the information they want to hear as much as the information that comes from their "enemies."


It seems like ever single week there's another meteoric rise and subsequent crash of a shiny, brand new rightwing mascot. Inevitably exposed as fraudulent or having their own personal views in opposition of how they've been represented. What's it going to take before you realize you've fallen for tribal, team sports where both you and the team you believe you're against lose every game and the umpires win?