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Spiritual practice. Many were healed. Many are literally possessed. This is why they are so given to lust, that they have hundreds of one night partners. Either their lustful ego posessed them or an astral entity, which is most likely. Try talking with spiritual science research foundation on this topic, they have answers from 40 years of research. they have a chat there.

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what spam? when I post its called spam, when post its called posting? It did work, it showed your skin exactly, as I mentioned, you never go for the argument but for the person. as a true cultist does.

Also the fact that you bring the nazi dogs to downvote me among many threads is just pathetic. but hey if that makes you happy its your choice.

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I linked the evidence. Read again? God you're truly braindead. let me guess, you watched the entire video from Mark Passio on the de facto satanism in 1 min and you decided that he is wrong. unreal XD.

There is no 'because I say so'; the entire satanic bible is out there , embodying your core beliefs, or rather vice-versa.

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Again dude, you're not stopping from going for the individual instead of going for the argument. I have to be stupid, I have to want sympathy, I have to be a jewish shill, I have to be a faggot, I am not intelligent, everything under the sun but the actual argument.

Go on and enjoy your cult thinking, proven cult, given that it wants to preserve its dogma at any cost, banning people who disagree just as reddit does. Insult me more and twist what I'm saying, that's how you prove you're reasonable and not a cultist. portray me as a wojak and portray yourself as a gigachad filled with hatred. that would do it.

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notice how he didn't construct any argument. he just basically said 'if you don't agree with us you're not intelligent' in a nutshell. peak cult thinking. watch them insulting you and ignoring your arguments or twisting them against you. its so telling.

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De facto satanism ^. de facto = as it is, existing in fact. Explained from an ex satanic priest. that moral relativism, and the law of the jungle, are the main tenants of satanism. You and the nazis embody these principles, along with eugenics, and you and the nazis from consP are de facto satanists who larp as christians. I don't care if I get banned. You should care as you subscribe to a hivemind who bans people for thinking outside the box.

go and read the satanic bible and see that you will love what it teaches, I guarantee it. Oh wait nevermind , that would mean that one has to THINK critically and none of you are actually capable of this. just oogabooga wars and oogabooga when we kill its good, when we get killed its bad. double standards at this point and you triple down on it recklessly.

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brits a while ago, invaded the whole world. only 22 countries were not invaded by them ^.

Brits and nazi cultists: all we want is to be left alone 😭😭😭.

De facto satanists. look up the main satanic tenants and see how you live in 90% of them. genetics is a big one too and nazis love it. along with moral relativism, and the law of the jungle: kill or be killed.