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Get some ivermectin.. paste is fine... the side effect of it just happens to be increased white blood cell counts.. soooo if doing chemo can help. My doctor was happy with my WBC counts.. ;) Oncologists aren't taught nutrition..etc. so don't expect natural methods at all. Surgery, chemo and radiation is the standard cookie cutter care.

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So Sorry about your mom. Start researching now.. there is a lot to cover. Get the 9 video series The Truth About Cancer.. https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/ You can find interviews online but the package is great for resources.. they did transcripts and put a lot of work into it. They interviewed over 131 people in the series and for a little more money you can get all the interviews uncut so if there is one doctor you want to watch the full interview you can! Do the RSO immediately.. do the turkey tail.. cut the sugar and that's what I would start as you research more. The Gerson therapy involves coffee enemas... the thing is you need to get her body healthy best you can. her liver is toxic and you need to detox it. Eating clean .. anti-inflammatory like a Medditeratinian diet. Have her let go of negative thoughts or any issues she has had in the past.. the body protects us by hiding that negative energy in the body.. encourage her to let go of any issues/trauma she had in the past. I just did my first coffee enema and it was really good. I am fighting it too. Look into Dr. Burzynski.. he's in Texas and the man who has the cure the FDA has tried to stop him but after 40+ years he is still going. I pray for you , your mom and family. I hope she didn't get the covid jab.. also the cancer vaccine is same type of shot so should not take if any auto-immune disease. I hope we all helped you.. lots of great advice in here.

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This is the vit B17 someone mentioned above.. add this

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THIS!!! Cut out sugar.. all sugar.. best you can... cancer cells have 3-10 more sugar receptors than normal... it makes it grow. There are some facebook groups that cover all types of methods.. Get the Turkey tail right away. watch FANTASTIC FUNGI on Netflix... Paul Stamets Look at RSO Oil.. Rick Simpson Oil.. do that ASAP.. you have to build up. send me a PM and I can send groups etc. Throw everything at it. Is it breast cancer? What type?

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In the late 80s the news reported on a conspiracy that had been discovered with the CDC allowing AIDS to go through the gay community to kill them. Fauci was behind it.. there are interviews he has done about it.