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If you see something like an ?s=20 in a twitter link or an &absjfwjdkdjsk2j2 on a youtube link, before you post it, REMOVE THAT.

That allows the Big Internet to track your record once you click on it and everything you do on that page.

And it is established fact that NWO internet does not like counter revolutionaries and complainers and they march in complete lockstep.

If you say anything out of acceptable norms in those pages, be it a comment against gender fluidity or "UOHHH CUNNY", ALL OF THEM CAN BAN YOU IN LOCKSTEP and you have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide.

Have fun seeing your Facebook, twitch, youtube and Twitter etc banned on the same day.

Do not think that you are safe because you are a shitkicking nobody. You do not. And you might even see yourself shadowbanned in those sites assuming if they don't just fuck with all of your accounts in a single day.

Rule of thumb is in NWO internet, you have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.