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If there was a holocaust there would have been documented orders in writing from the Nazi human experimentation twin experiment demon portal owning whatever the fuck the NSDAP supposedly were to these creatures on Reddit that still think the holocaust was real.

Up until Nuremberg it was a full defense to say you were following orders therefore any German (or Ostbatallion POW turned German soldier) that was ordered to kill Jews would have got the order in writing and would HAVE KEPT THE WRITTEN ORDER. It was only after Nuremberg that following orders was no longer a defense in war crimes trials.

What this means is that we would have paperwork signed by NSDAP leadership stating that individual soldier such and such, of such and such battalion, is ordered to kill such and such Jews at such and such location and the soldier doing the killing WOULD HAVE INSISTED on having that document before they kill anyone because at the time they would have expected it to be a full defense if they were charged with any war crimes.

For that reason THEY WOULD HAVE KEPT THE DOCUMENT not destroyed it. Why? Because it would hav been perceived, based on contemporary war crimes laws, that such a document would be a get out of jail free card. Remember it was Nuremberg where it was established that following orders is not a defense. Before that time, a soldier could show a written order to do something and walk free from responsibility.

No German soldier accused of war crimes ever produced a written order from NSDAP leadership ordering them to carry out those war crimes. Said war crimes didn’t even exist anyway. There are no corpses in the mass graves at any of the so called extermination camps which were in reality transit camps.