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This is a great video debunking the popular “Truther” claims about Building 7.

The points brought up in the video are:

“Why wasn’t building 7 ever mentioned in the 911 Commission Reports?”**

This is because the Commission Reports were specifically about the actual targets of the attacks, not collateral damage like WTC 7. It was however investigated in a NIST report which is here

“How could it collapse if it never was hit by a plane?”**

Pretty simple, huge chunks of burning debris crashed in through the top of WTC 7 from the towers. This not only caused massive structural damage, but also caused a massive fire to spread throughout WTC 7.

Truthers deceitfully only ever show pictures of it from the south, where it was not struck by debris, making it seem like it was a perfectly fine building that collapsed out of nowhere, but images of it from the north side clearly show the massive damage WTC 7 sustained from the falling debris

“Building 7 collapsed in free fall out of nowhere! This is only possible through controlled demolition!”**

This is just an outright lie. Footage of the attack clearly shows building 7 folding in on itself over the course of hours before finally collapsing. All footage of the “free fall” conveniently only ever starts right as the building falls, it never shows the footage before of the penthouse caving in.

Remember, the truth doesn’t fear investigation.