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If the societal controllers knew there is some periodic natural event which wipes out most of civilization such as micronova, pole shift, EMP, etc., are their current actions in-line with preparing for this event, almost in a semi-benevolent manner:

♦ Depopulation, reduction in birthrates. Fewer people to have to shepherd through the dark times. From various areas including LGBTQIAMAPNECBESETC.

♦ Higher costs of living, higher house costs, a few generations ago people would have 6+ kids because houses, cars, food, college prices were relatively not as expensive as they are today.

♦ Educate people to change diets, including bugs etc. since during some of these events, other food sources might be more scarce.

♦ Immigration - move people away from areas with less food etc.

If this was the case, would it make any sense that the societal controllers would actually be doing anything in a benevolent manner.

**On the flipside, would the pole shift reset type narratives be in-line with general desire for depopulation. Could this just be another spell they are trying to cast at a subliminal and underlying level. **

Is this an image of the spell they are trying to cast/project: