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The government has figured out how to implement a wealth tax and has convinced people they should want to pay it voluntarily. How? They took over the entire free market and nationalized the banks. Here's how:

  1. Use government grants fund a startup community focused on topic of interest (eg. DARPA and Social media --> Faceboook).
  2. Then award chosen company government contracts with "national security" exemptions that allow it to break patent laws (imminent domain applied to ideas vastly broadened by vax companies during covid).
  3. When this monoplostic cartel is inevitably successfully, take it public. The people will voluntarily tax themselves in order to fund it. Instead of thanking the people, use this company to subjugate them (covid surveillance state)
  4. If anything goes wrong, "there's an infinite amount of cash at the federal reserve". The Fed will backstop all losses, but only for their chosen "systemically important banks".

We're really no different than the CCP - well at least they're upfront about owning "51%" of all Chinese companies.