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As we here all know, people are dropping dead all over the place. People in their 30s, 20s, even teenagers. I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone this has happened to that hasn't taken the depopulation shot.

I'm wondering specifically about vaccine shedding, for one, and the potential harms that could confer. Also, maybe TPTB are using other vectors in addition to the genocide jab, like spraying certain things in the atmosphere or adding certain things to the water supply.

Something tells me they're not just gonna let us dissidents get away with the crime of being alive.

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Shedding of vaccine shouldn't pose risk of permanent DNA alteration to the recipient, though it could theoretically wreak some acute havoc.

I was asked the other day if unvaccinated people with coronavirus are getting all those blood clots. I had to say that we don't know--we haven't been able to autopsy them because they aren't the ones dying.

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Are you a medical examiner?