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Because I have had enough with click whore addidcts who spread misinfo (willingly or unwillingly) and proclaim doom dates since time immemorial, I, RandomAnon78 by my free will and accord proclaim that if an event of world significance happen on 24th of September (within any timezone of this flat or spheric Earth) as quoted:

“Everyone will not forget September 24, 2022 and everyone will know exactly where he or she was”

and seen here https://americafirstreport.com/what-ominous-event-do-they-have-planned-for-september-24th/

and by that term (event of world significance) I define an event of equivalent global interest to 9/11 or the WHO declaring a plandmic in March 2020

I invite the moderators of this forum to delete my account within 24 hours from the event (PST).

If the contrary occurs and no event of global significance occurs the mods shall instead delete the account of u/King_of_Crazy/ as publicly declared here https://conspiracies.win/p/15JUCbQwYG/prediction-major-escalation-with/

I invite u/King_of_Crazy/ to respond to this message with accepting the Terms & Conditions

So help me Gods and keep me steadfast.

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But if he had autism he would have researched matters better.

it was clear that that German politician clip was taken out of context and it was delivered back in February if you searched a bit.

It is also clear that a few seconds video clip means nothing unless it is viewed in context. like everything in life, really.

Instead of reading the misleading headlines we have become so lazy that we never search beyong that headline, and are as good as the normies who do exactly the same. We deserve to be ruled by TPTB because we are lazy.

That is the sad truth.

Want to know what is going on? Subscribe to the United Nations specialized agencies newsletters:

FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization

IFAD: International Fund for Agricultural Development

ILO: International Labour Organization

IMF: International Monetary Fund

IMO: International Maritime Organization

ITU: International Telecommunication Union

UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNIDO: United Nations Industrial Development Organization

UNWTO: World Tourism Organization

UPU: Universal Postal Union

WHO: World Health Organization

WIPO: World Intellectual Property Organization

WMO: World Meteorological Organization

World Bank Group

IBRD: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

IDA: International Development Association

IFC: International Finance Corporation

and last the WEF

...and at least understand the agenda from the source. You will never find the data but you will be well informed and you may contribute agsinst this click whoring cancer of neo investigatism journalism trend.