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Neither is the CDC

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On your w4 you simply write in the box that is labeled with instructions "EXEMPT". The language in the instructions on your w4 are intentionally misleading. They make it sound like you're filing as a "non-citizen" or some such mumbo jumbo. The entire irs "tax code" is not law but the policy of a private company, as proven in the documentary, and is as confusing as possible intentionally.

Do not write zero. If you put zero they will take out the maximum amount applicable.

Note. I am not a lawyer, this is not legal or financial advice. It is 100% backed up by the constitution, the highest law of the land but that won't stop the bad guys with the guns from knocking your door down and stealing your shit. As we've seen in places like California or New York, Soros owned DAs actively hate the constitution.

You can find directors of the irs stating very clearly that the system of paying them is "completely voluntary" just like "you don't have to take the vaccine, you can just be fired and be a societal outcast"

I hear people all the time say "I would do that but I have kids and don't want to take that chance" well look what they've already taken from us.

The monster only survives because we keep feeding it.

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Have you done it? If so for how long and what would have been your reported income otherwise?

Why the downvote? I am asking basically if he is practicing what he preached.

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I'm not OP but I've done the above and it works. However, you must understand that doesn't exempt you from the tax, it only exempts you from withholding. In order to avoid owing anything you have to redeem your paychecks in "lawful money" or "coin money" using a restrictive endorsement. You can then deduct everything you claimed as "lawful money" on line 21 (other income) of your tax return to bring your taxable income to zero.

Let me know if you have any questions. There's also lots of information available by searching some of the terms above.

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Long documentary. Strap in because if you didn't know this already you need to.

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Watched this when it first came out. Bought the DVD.

If one has never watched this prepare to get pissed off.

Like the FED, the IRS is not federal anything.

An off shore private corporation.

Enforcers, extortionists, pure thugs.