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I noticed some folks in c/Conspiracies/p/15IXWXnIo6 arguing about the shape of the Earth. It doesn't look to be in bad faith, so I create this post for anyone interested.

Personally, looking at the Sun (ouch) and the Moon is enough for me.

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I want you to notice HOW many comments there are on this particular thread as compared to ALL other threads. It's almost like, a flood the zone situation or a "massively coordinated forum slide". Because in any truly democratic 'conspiracy' forum there will be a diversity of opinion, and one very strong opinion is that FE is not worthy of spending time on, when there are so many other more germaine conspiracies in the political space exploding literally every minute.

That is how you know that some group is really is pushing this. They've shown their hand here. FE threads get disproportionate activity here in this particular conspiracy forum, rather than things that actually matter more.

Say that FE is true. That means we're not going anywhere right? SPace may not be real. Or if it is, what's space doing for US? Nothing right? Maybe we're under a big bubble, or in a simulation and the earth is flat.

If you believed that were true--that the earth is flat--then why they hell would you spend your precious time in this planar existence NOT talking about other conspiraices that affect you so much more. Like 9/11, OKC, who killed JFK. These affect you much more than FE or globe earth. Right? None of us here that aren't billionaires are NEVER. EVER> going to space if the earth is round OR flat. Space = irrelevant no matter how you stand on this subject.

So why spend your time talking about FE, instead of say, Russiagate? Or Machine learning Fairness at google? Or AI / AGI? Transhumanism? Or any of the other 'threats' than people trying to fool you into thinking that the earth is round?

Its like terence mckenna says, 'what is culture doing for YOU? Nothing is what.'

switch culture for flat earth vs round earth discussion

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Flat earth is the meat shield ideology to NASA's moon hoax.

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"Welcome, kids, to mental gymnastics 101!"

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and btw, I started the first downvote on my own comment on behalf of the flat earth community. I am here to serve.