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If the goal of covid world is really vaccines as believed, why are countries going into 3 month lockdowns in the wake of Omicron?

Why is Hong Kong going into a 4 month softlock that leads to the mental health crisis/suicide rates SKYROCKETING?

And why is China continuing the lockdowns?

And why is most of Asia still masking to some degree?

And then why is the WHO and China making it implicitly clear that the pandemic will only be over if there are ZERO CASES WORLDWIDE IN 2 WEEKS, even if they: 1. know it will not happen and 2. ensuring it will not happen?

The only explanation is the vaccines are only the nose of the elephant, and the elephant of the room is that the World Marxist Revolution has began.

You can expect to mask until 2025.

You can expect that you will lose everything, every faith and belief you have will be proven a farce and you will be happy.

Anything but despair and misery is delusion at this point.

Trust the elites, trust the science, trust in Communism as your one and only savior, and everyone will be thrown into the bellows of Gehenna by the hands of Yahweh.

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Damn, you love your blackpills, don't you?

Cool, I have one for you.

The ending draws near, that's what's happening, not communism or whatever; that's just them ensuring everyone else is busy fighting off "the state", "disease", "vaccine effects", "inflation", "hunger", "weather" instead of realizing what's going on; talk about being distracted. (Some of these events are not caused by them, but they'll take credit for them/you'll think it's them doing it.) They've been building bunkers/DUMBs and hoarding food and supplies for decades. Now they're just depleting you of everything that's left to make sure you don't survive, and if you do, they sure will, and they'll take over again in the new world. Heck, the vaccines may just be what would allow them to do that (e.g., them becoming your owner in the new world by means of some tech that runs through your veins, or them ensuring the event terminates you).

Their agenda wouldn't have been pushed so hard unless they knew there wouldn't be any real repercussions [from the people] due to the apocalyptic event that looms over us. In other words, there won't be any people left to go after them.

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If so, it seems like there are probably indisputable signs of this apocalyptic event for them to try so hard with these distractions. I also wonder what it would be, but seems plausible.