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Remember a couple days ago you said you would constantly delete low effort Gary Webb posts or bill cooper or whatever because they were obviously sliding the forum? Well, here's your man sliding the comments and abusing his authority.


Honestly, out of the people attacking you on Reddit and in Congress or wherever else would you not appreciate one hard headed SOB putting his foot down and saying "Hold the fuck up, where's the evidence for any of this?" instead of attacking people for being "non-believers"?

Well, that's me. I'm not going with the crowd, I'm going where the evidence takes me. I don't attack people for being "not nice", I'm a complete asshole to people I think are bad faith actors, as we all should be, as everyone in Congress should be.

I'm trying to have conversations about masonry, the speed of light being a known constant in the ancient world, and how sites around the globe are connected, but it keeps being slid by flat earth zealots screaming "EVERYTHING IS FAKE!".

I'm trying to learn human history, the history we've been lied to about by using evidence not fantasies or screaming "NOTHING IS REAL!!!!!!!!" Thats what reddit does. That's what TMOR does. It should be antithetical to what we do here.

If you don't care about evidence then don't complain about your congressional "investigation" not giving a fuck either.