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DavidColeIntrepid 2 points ago +3 / -1

they are DEFINITELY lying to us about the shape of the earth

I know all about admiral Byrd and the expeditions of army going to Antarctica for "training", stories of Agartha and Thule and Brill, Germany's interest in such and it's connection to pioneers of UFO technology like maria orsic. I know all about it.

But you can't take facts and CONFLATE that with bullshit to seem legitimate. If every post I made said "vaccines put jew ghosts in your blood" then used VAERS data to say "yeah, well they aren't safe and effective" only ONE of those things is true and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other.

"Flat earth" is a psyop to cover up hollow earth. Same with the "expanding earth", which I know you're a fan of despite there being no evidence of, is covering up pole shifts. The vedas were written in the artic. The poles have shifted before. There's magnetic data to back that up. Everything Randall Carlson does about the younger dryas meltwater cataclysm proves it. Coral samples prove it. There's HARD DATA to suggest the poles have shifted.

Are we being lied to? Yes. That doesn't mean you should go 100 mph in the other direction. That makes you as controllable as anyone on Reddit repeating the "safe and effective" mantra or "Jan 6 was an attack on our democracy". You can't just SAY SHIT and have it be true. That's communist BS

Forefather 1 point ago +2 / -1

Damn. Very well said. Still, its fucking annoying not knowing that about earth for sure.