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Stumbled onto this YouTube video tonight, as a result of checking out a Tweet from another post here:


In the video, a claim is made that Christine Lagarde (of The IMF) is giving an occult signal about an event to occur on July 20th, 2014.

The video maker hypothesized it was going to the start of what we now call The Great Reset.

Looking up some known political events which ended up occurring on that date, one pops out: Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

In another video I watched a while ago, with Boyd Anderson (former hockey player, interviewed by Odessa Orlewicz), Boyd made a claim something like the following: the Malaysia Airline events were a "sacrifice" by such people.

From that same set of Tweets, this was also in the comments about Christine:


Christine's speech is from January 2014 or before (full video here), and she was discussing:

  • The global economic recovery post-2008, what has went well, and what hasn't

  • Speaks about 'sustainable' economies briefly (no direct mention of environmentalism)

  • What broad policies she believes various regions need to implement for sake of their improvement

  • Some feminism talking points in the Q&A part