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As I’ve noticed everyone of my friends and family whom I’ve been in contact with whilst sick with fever/throat has since caught the same, I’m open to both ideas , germ and terrain, but am curious

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A household will commonly eat all the same things, so if there is a deficiency in the diet most will be affected. Other things like airborne pollutants can make a group sick. Some terrain guys say your body will sync with others and detoxify around like same time like bitches periods.

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They can’t because it’s another retarded flat earth psyop.

What is true is that vaccines are not proven safe, and all sorts of fuckery occurred because they are classified as “biological agents” and not drugs, with no liability for the manufacturer. There have never been double blind, controlled trials of any modern vaccine. They also give them in batches so it is impossible to find out if a specific agent is causing harm.

Bottom line, the aluminum nanoparticles in them are a known neurotoxin that can cause deadly allergies if contaminants are in the vaccine, polysorbate 80 helps the bullshit cross the blood brain barrier, and mRNA is totally experimental, untested, and dangerous. The spike protein the mRNA shots force your cells to produce are cytotoxic (effectively a bioweapon).

Traditional vaccines are causing massive autoimmune and neurological problems with kids and adults. The clot shots are going to cull far more.

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Couldn’t agree more, thanks for the input

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Contagion can occur under terrain theory because of bad bacteria and parasites. Parasites as a source of disease is massively downplayed. There are also things that look like contagion due to sudden agricultural product dispersion or vaccinations. The main point is that what in many cases looks like disease and is treated by selling drugs under germ theory, is actually the body's immune system struggling to deal with a toxic environment because the host refuses to exercise, eat nutritional foods, kill parasites safely, and engage in periodic cleansing. It is worth considering terrain theory. My guess for things like chicken pox is that they are bacterial. In our modern world, the completely healthy person is closer to myth than not, so there are going to be times where a hybrid understanding and approach is going to make the most sense.

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And, can they explain rabies? I don't think a rabid dog cares much about your diet.