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Imagine a world with out the government. I know some are already tuning out but seriously think about it.

what do they even do besides diddle kids and lie to us? Look at biden, hes so fucking far gone cognitively that he cant even let the dog outside without getting naked and breaking his foot.

you know who does all the work, the normal people like us. we run the infrasture, we build everything and maintain it, these governmental figure are nothing but sacks of expired meat that we really have no need for anymore.

all they do is take from us, there is no fucking reason people should have to pay to LEARN. WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THE THINGS THAT ONLY WORK BECAUSE OF US. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR HEALTH CARE.

education health care communication travel - these are all things that should be free to people. Why do they have unlimited access to these but YOU DONT

are they better then you? do they work harder then you? have they sacrificed as much as you?

really think about this. what do they even do at this point but hold us back

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I don't need to be governed