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7 months ago this video was featured here (thanks!). It was also featured on /r/conspiracy a couple of years ago but looks like that thread got nuked.

Backstory: Been on YT since 07, channel was mostly dead (I focus on ragtime piano etc). Since I sometimes make songs about conspiracies, youtube is suppressing my channel, which I've proven over the years. Whatever, I don't really care. 2 months ago I was at 6k subs after 15 years. Then I made this song: You Will Never Be a Woman. I didn't think much of it at first (it got only a handful of views) but in early Dec it blew up on the chans.

Ironically, I've been trying to make music for normies for 15 years with no success. And sometimes I get bored and do a spicy song. well this time, ppl started actually saying nice things and actually encouraged me to write more, a surprise after years of making videos with no comments. Clearly ppl were starved for this kind of music.

So then I made this: Oy Vey, Shut It Down. Give the people what they want, right? I'm very proud of this song. I wrote it in a single setting and recorded it the next day. I've had a handful of viral videos over the years, but this was VIRAL. It had 40k views on YT when it was pulled, but I think the real number was at least 10x that. I've caught YT removing hundreds of thousands of views before on my videos.

I wrote Oy Vey to test YT. I have songs that deconstruct russiagate, trannies, the 2020 election fraud, and the COVID scam. None of them were removed because they were suppressed enough and my channel isn't popular enough. also they're just songs! Well that started to change after Oy Vey. I jumped up 3k subs in a couple of weeks, and the video was getting thousands of views every day. And it wasn't stopping. It was the most activity I've ever had on a video.

What does this have to do with Pandemic Dance? Well that's my most important video. I spell out the entire plandemic back in September 2020, before all the conspiracies went mainstream. And in a song! It can't (shouldn't) be censored that way. Songs are (should be) safe.

So I made Pandemic Dance my featured video a while back. New ppl coming to my channel saw that first. It was ballsy because I already knew youtube had removed it from search results (try finding it by searching for "do the rona" or "the pandemic dance"). This meant that the thousands of new ppl finding my channel were finding the pandemic dance video too, and it started getting boosted in views. Just to be clear, the pandemic dance song completely dismantles covid and pandemics. it's a thorn for the narrative, even if it's just a silly video. It was made in Sept 2020 which is what counts.

So I knew YT was updating its terms on Jan 5 so I quickly made Alex Jones Was Right on the 4th as maybe a "last word" in case my channel got taken down. Instead on the 5th I got a notice that "Oy Vey" was removed for "hate speech" and pandemic dance for "medical misinformation." It was only a matter of time for oy vey, I WROTE the damn thing to taunt youtube and dare them to remove it. They did, and I won. They showed that a certain group can't be satirized. Big hmmmmmm. But I was surprised to see they removed pandemic dance. That was a bigger deal to me.

I appealed both, and my oy vey appeal was denied almost immediately. I didn't hear back for 2 days about Pandemic Dance, but to my actual shock, it was RESTORED on the 7th. It's a big win for me. That song was therapeutic. It was important for me at the time to put my emotions/feelings into art like that. YT removing it was a blow to that feeling, because I could always point to it and say SEE, I sung about ALL this back in 2020. I'm really happy it's back, even though it's still shadowbanned. I find its initial removal very interesting. Why risk the streisand effect, even small, by removing it alongside oy vey? The removal of oy vey got a lot of attention, and so I was able to broadcast about pandemic dance at the same time.

I'm assuming someone at YT saw it as my featured video when they were dealing with Oy Vey and they decided to take pandemic dance down too. In my appeal I said something like "who is taking medical advice from a song that starts out claiming JP Morgan sunk the Titanic on purpose?" lol, whatever happened, it worked.

Check out my Odysee, bitchute, and rumble accounts in case anything happens to youtube. you can watch Oy Vey, Shut It Down on odysee and bitchute too. You can also stream/purchase it (and pandemic dance) at my bandcamp.

I thought this sequence of events was really interesting and felt like sharing here, esp since this video was featured here before. I won't lose sleep over Oy Vey. Ppl have already reuploaded it on youtube, with thousands of views, and yt hasn't acted. It's just more proof the song itself wasn't the problem, just that it was getting too much attention for even the yt censors. but I get a sense that restoring pandemic dance, even though it's just a song, marks a shift or a sea change. They can't keep a handle on the truth anymore. it's tough, but fun, being on the right side of history. thanks guys!