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So taking a minute to me skeptical here- yes you’re right in the sense that we could most accurately characterize this as: “we no longer need the EUA and you should make sure it can detect the flu”. Still though the way they word it implies to me that they’re aware the PCR FPs caused flu misdiagnosis.

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They’re pulling the EUA

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your interpretation is incorrect.

they're pulling the EUA for demultiplexed PCR testing, and requiring multiplexed testing starting jan 1, 2022.

demultiplexed testing combines multiple inputs and if any is true, the output is true. so in a demuxed test, if you tested positive for the flu, or most common colds, the demuxed test is still positive. and with this pandemic, it was counted as covid. that's why the flu and cold numbers fell to damn near zero globally.

if they weren't doing this before, there would be no need for the announcement stating that all testing moving forward must be multiplexed, and that demuxed testing is banned. you could still just test "for covid" without testing for the flu... but nope, now that's banned.

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so... what's the endgame? to bring back the retired flu and to convince people to vaccinate for the flu, which in semi-normie perception would be not as bad as covaks, and then inject the dumbdumbs with MRNA against flu?

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Where in the lab alert does it say that testing for just covid is banned?

you're not understanding. the original EUA is for demuxed tests. the EUA is being withdrawn, and the CDC is requiring multiplexed tests moving forward. it's what multiplexing means in this context. it's literally the definition.

"go and purchase private manufactured covid tests".

no, the issue was never about whether they were publicly or privately manufactured. it's whether they're multiplexed or not.

Also, do you have any evidence that the tests that were put out by the CDC and that are being discontinued came back positive if you had influenza but not covid?

again, it's literally the definition of multiplexing. what is being multiplexed? the input signal. if the new tests are required to be multiplexed, it's because the prior tests weren't. so what were they combining?

we already know practically anyone with any cold symptoms was being labeled as a covid death even without a positive test. look up any source for flu deaths in the 2020 winter or 2021 winter, and it's virtually zero. we didn't magically eradicate flu. we just started counting flu as covid.

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Countdown until COVID disappears:

Yeah, by Easter, like a miracle, remember?

Then right after the election, remember?

Then after the inauguration, remember?

2 more weeks!