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Controversy in France: Emmanuel Macron's wife Brigitte is said to be MTF tran-sexual in exhaustive investigation by the independent newsletter "Facts and Documents"

The official narrative is that Macron and Brigitte met when he was 17 and she was 36. This is constantly repeated in dozens of articles and authorized biographies about the couple. The idea is that Macron was a healthy red blooded young man who conquered a mature woman. In reality he was 14 and she was 39. This is significant because it obviously falls under the law as it's corruption of a minor with two aggravating circumstances: it took place in a school environment where Brigitte held authority over him and Macron was under 15.

There's an emphasis in the media narrative on the idea that Brigitte at the time was a sexy, beautiful teacher who was extremely popular among her male students. In reality there's one pic of her during that period and she wasn't much different except that her teeth used to be busted. Point is there's no way any teenage boy would have been attracted to such a rough looking hag.

Her career as a teacher is also extremely dubious. After her time in Macron's middle school there's a 3 years gap in her resume where no one knows where she went. She reappears as a literature teacher in a Parisian highschool called Lycée Franklin, an elite school for the most talented children of the Haute Bourgeoisie. There's nothing in her academic background justifying this position given the latest official sources (the mainstream narrative changed multiple times) claim she doesn't even have her secondary teacher certification. It should also be noted the Lycée Franklin is a Jesuit establishment and the author of the paper implies it's a stronghold of the Rotschild network.

Speaking of network the entire communication team around Macron was previously associated with Dominique Strauss Kahn and was in charge of damage control after the Sofitel scandal where he tried to rape the nignog maid. They're all experienced spin doctors and beside them there's an extremely strong presence of the homosexual/LGBT lobby around Macron and Brigitte. This is also a clear contradiction to the official narrative that presents Brigitte as a small town conservative member of the catholic bourgeoisie.

There's multiple testimonies of journalists and men of power (including former president Sarkozy) that portray the couple in a very disturbing way. Macron is said to be lost without Brigitte and have no real interest in either women or men outside of her but more than that the idea expressed is that she's the one who "made" Macron, by introducing him to Attali for ex. Why a nobody lit teacher from a small town knows one of the most powerful jews in France is never explained. To put it simply she clearly appears to be Macron's handler.

The family background and early life section of both Macron and Brigitte are complete clusterfucks and appear to make zero sense. I'll probably have to reread that part a few times because it's a gigantic mess of falsified documents, incoherent dates, disappearing or non existent people etc. Among the strangest aspects of the story is the fact there's zero known pictures of Macron as a child with his supposed parents and of course zero known pictures of Brigitte being pregnant or posing with her young children. These documents simply don't seem to exist.

One of the journalists who investigated on Brigitte's past tried to get an interview with a woman who's suspected to be the real mother of Brigitte's children. The police showed up at the journalist's house soon after and threatened her, asking her to give them the names of the other journalists who worked on the case.