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I stargaze every night that’s not cloudy. A few months ago I saw an anomaly. (Well, I see anomalies every night, but this was a big one.) Two nights ago I witnessed it again with my husband to corroborate. A silent triangular UFO moving at the speed of a jet above our populated city out West. Moving north to south through the valley. I’d seen these pop up in documentaries and online in first-hand accounts. Are these extraterrestrial or terrestrial-made with inspiration from alien tech? Where else have you guys seen these?

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I saw one at the beach in Melbourne at night. Silent, low for an aircraft, gliding. Dark coloured. No lights. Could see it against the night sky. About as big as an aeroplane but not 747 size.

I saw another one go over my house at night. This one had lights, triangle, no sound, low for an aircraft. I thought it might have been an aeroplane emergency landing because of the lights and no sound probably from gliding, but it looked triangular not wings on a tube.

My new house is under a "flight path" I assume because every day all day I hear planes dropping the speed of their engines probably going to land at Melbourne Airport. This makes me think the triangles I saw weren't aeroplanes because they are so different.